Introducing Poli Payment A Quick and Secure Way to Make Online Payments

Introducing Poli Payment – A Quick and Secure Way to Make Online Payments

POLi Payment provides Australian and New Zealand players with a safe, user-friendly method for depositing at online casinos, using bank accounts as deposits. This popular payment option lets customers use bank accounts directly when making deposits into online casino accounts. More info about in the article:
Introducing Poli Payment: A Quick and Secure Way to Make Online Payments.

POLi makes shopping convenient and secure – no registration necessary. Customers simply select POLi during checkout and log into their internet banking to complete their transaction.


If you live in New Zealand and enjoy scratchies online, take a look at these four casinos offering POLi payments. With instant deposits from bank accounts directly into casino accounts as well as bonuses and promotions galore. Ideally choose one offering two-factor authentication for additional protection of identity.

POLi is an innovative payment service that allows consumers to pay directly from their internet banking accounts without needing credit cards. POLi works by connecting to customer’s banking systems and sending transaction information directly to merchants; once received they can then either approve or reject payments based on this data. Plus there’s no registration process involved either way so both retailers and consumers alike can utilize POLi without incurring costs!

POLi is a safe way to make payments, but there may still be risks involved with using this payment method. To stay safe when using POLi, it’s important to use strong passwords that you keep secure, only use secure networks for transactions such as Wi-Fi when necessary and monitor your POLi account regularly to report any suspicious activity that might occur as quickly as possible.

POLi has several downsides, including being slow and inconvenient, prompting some banks to advise customers against its use. Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently advised their customers against POLi in favour of NetBank as it considered more secure option; additionally POLi was found vulnerable and many customers experienced delays processing their transactions.

POLi offers many advantages despite its drawbacks. Customers find the service convenient, while its security measures aim to protect users’ information – for instance transactions are encrypted to ensure only buyers have access to it, thus helping prevent unauthorized transactions and reduce fraud risk. Furthermore, the website regularly updated to address security issues; additionally there is also a dedicated help line dedicated to customers that answers their inquiries about POLi services.


POLi pay offers customers a safe payment method at online casinos, enabling direct banking payments through POLi. Customers can use this payment option at many leading casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and other incentives – however bonus amounts vary per website, making it important to read up on each website before making deposits.

POLi payment transactions are extremely straightforward and swift. A customer simply selects the POLi button on a merchant site and enters their bank name before signing in to home banking with their internet banking credentials. Within seconds, both parties receive instant receipts with which to complete their purchase immediately using available bank balance.

While POLi is easy and convenient, there are some downsides. First of all, it can only be used by New Zealand residents and may not be as widely accepted than credit cards. Also, retailers may find its fee structure prohibitively costly; however, POLi charges less per transaction compared to most payment systems and its fees are capped at $3 per transaction.

Poli is an independent company that does not store any customer personal data or bank account details, while maintaining high security standards with collaboration from New Zealand’s largest banks such as Bank of New Zealand, Westpac TSB ANZ ASB Kiwibank for added peace of mind when handing out credit card numbers to unfamiliar merchants. This makes Poli the ideal option for players wary of giving out their information online.

Poli offers more than just traditional payment methods – they also provide an innovative solution for New Zealanders who do not possess credit cards, using an external processor to deliver instant online bank transfers through them. This provides New Zealanders without credit cards access to gambling at online casinos.

POLi payment option makes integration simple for clubs and associations who already use Gameday Passport system to register members or process payments, with access available directly through clicking on button or linking invoice. Payments then move directly from member bank accounts into club or association accounts reducing paperwork while increasing cash flow.

Payment options

Players at online casinos have various payment options at their disposal for making deposits and withdrawals, which vary in terms of security and protection levels. E-wallets require users to enter a password when making deposits which helps prevent unwarranted access to accounts – although these services cannot guarantee this will always happen; taking additional measures against hackers remains vitally important.

POLi is a secure service that enables online casino shoppers to pay with money directly from their bank accounts instead of credit cards, making the service more reliable than regular credit cards. Payments are processed directly by your bank and once completed the online seller will receive notification that transaction was complete as well as being protected by its security measures – making POLi more trustworthy than standard credit cards.

POLi is one of the safest payment systems to use because it doesn’t store any of your personal or banking data, making it convenient for international players. Furthermore, deposits can be made using your own currency making the system easy for deposits in local currency if desired. When making payments over an insecure network like Wi-Fi you should ensure a safe network is used as this will prevent hackers from spying on your information and monitor regularly your account to detect any possible suspicious activities.

POLi’s most striking advantage is its cost-free usage. Merchants should avoid charging customers more for using POLi, though you should always consult with your bank before making purchases using it. Furthermore, POLi offers 24/7 support from its team of specialists ready to address questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

When choosing a payment method, it’s essential to consider both transaction speeds and any welcome bonuses available to you. Poli is an ideal way to quickly start trading; just read over its terms and conditions carefully prior to committing yourself.


Poli is an online payment service that enables users to pay for products and services with funds directly from their bank accounts. Its easy use, low risk of fraud and secure environment meet modern international standards making it ideal for online merchants as well as people without credit cards such as 1 million adults in New Zealand who do not possess credit cards and therefore need an alternative way of paying online merchants for goods and services. Poli provides this option.

To begin using Poli Payment, first verify your email address. Once verified, log on to the website and make payments; once your money has been entered and bank account details entered, click “Withdraw” to process your withdrawal transaction; your funds should arrive in approximately 1-2 business days.

When making payments at POLi casinos, users will be taken to the Poli Payment page, where they can select from among a list of banks before entering their internet banking password to complete the transaction. Bank account data are never stored by merchants and HTTPS transport level security ensures a safe transaction experience.

Poli may not be as widely accessible, but it still holds advantages for online merchants and those attempting to reach larger audiences by eliminating credit card processing fees and increasing reachability through making payment accessible for those without credit cards.

Odoo Poli Payments Acquirer Module allows you to seamlessly integrate Poli payments into your Odoo website and allow customers to pay through Poli from it. Installation takes only minutes and it comes free with support from the Odoo community should any assistance be needed.

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